Perks of working at Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is one of the biggest and top Airlines in United States. Who provides lots of benefits to all the employees who work in Delta Airlines. So in this article, you will get all the detail information about the perks being provided for working at Delta Airlines.

Firstly it is important that you get some of the information about the Delta Airline company. Firstly Delta Airlines is one of the major Airlines in the USA. This airline was started in the year of 1925. In other words, it has more than 94 years of experience in the field of providing the best Airline services to all the people around the world.

According to the ranking way, Delta Airlines always comes in the second position of the Airlines company. Not only this according to Fortune magazine it comes in the 69th position. This is the largest Airlines because due to the scheduled passengers carried, the revenue of all the passengers and the kilometres they have flown, lastly the fleet size.

All about perks being provided by Delta Airlines

While you are working in any of the company you will always see that they provide perks to all the employees. So exactly what are perks? Perks are the benefits that are not at all related to the salary. These perks are provided by the companies so that they can attract and retain large numbers of workers. Delta has made an amazing employee portal for its employees named deltanet extranet. All the delta employees can check their benefits on this employee portal.

Perks are basically the goods, services and the opportunities being provided by the company to their employee. By providing perks both of the party gets benefitted by this and they are the companies the workers. While the company is providing the perks then at the same time they are also getting their workers and workers are getting their wages.

What are the different types of perks being provided by Delta Airlines to their workers?

The followings are the different types of perks being provided by Delta Airlines to their workers and they are:

  • The first perk you will get includes all the types of coverages that include Health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, etc. This insurance is beneficial for you and your family members.
  • The second perks being provided by Delta Airlines is that while you are travelling to other countries then at that time you will get lots of discounts. Discounts are not only eligible for the tickets but they are also eligible if you are staying in any hotels.
  • Delta Airlines will offer you to stay in luxurious hotels while at the time of travelling. Not only this you will also get opportunities to visit celebrity events and also stay in the luxurious resort.
  • If in case your flight is late but you the employee or the members of Delta Airlines. Then they will offer you food, drinks, etc. So that you can be comfortable while your flight has got cancelled or delayed.
  • Last but not the least perks are that you will also get the vacation time. Along with this at the time of vacation, you will always get your full stipend. In other words, it will be your paid vacation.

While you are working in Delta Airlines you should always remember that there are lots of differences between perks and benefits. Perks are something that is not at all interlinked with the salary being given by the company. It is totally different.


Perks are important and all the companies should give some kind of perks to their employees. So that they can contribute all there important time in working only. In this article, you will get lots of information about the different types of perks being provided by Delta Airlines. So that you can get an example of how many benefits you will get from the company.

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