What Is Big TV?

Technically we are a new media company that provides a free platform for people, to host their own shows. But see, that’s not nearly who we are. We are so much more.

Hi, I’m Lauren Lloyd, founder of BigTV and I’m glad you’re here. Let me explain. For the last 25 years I’ve been working in Hollywood as a casting director, studio executive and independent producer. And I loved it! My hand has helped push over 60 feature films to the screen and your eyes. It was hard, really, really hard, but also a blast and incredibly gratifying. But then something changed. Something left, something fundamental that made all the blood, sweat and tears worth it. It took me a while to figure out what was missing, and then it hit me like a tone of bricks. Heart. The heart was gone and without it the whole process was becoming soulless, empty, depressing, the bottom line now fueling what was once such a wonderful, passionate machine. So I stepped back and thought to myself, well, there have to be other people out there who see and feel the way I do, right? People who are passionate about what they do, who have heart and who want to share their passions with other people? I can’t be alone! And that’s when I decided to create BigTV.

But what, really, is BigTV?

BigTV is a place for people to go to interact with people, real people, who are discussing, sharing, living their passion. BigTV is an honest site, direct from people’s hearts to you (maybe a little editing). We are Oprah meets YouTube. BigTV is a currated site where quality counts. You want a cat taking a dump in toilet? Sorry, not going to find it here. You want to experience the life a homeless man who dresses as a pirate in downtown LA? We have that. See what it’s like volunteering for a day in charities? Yep. Join Grammy Award winner Allee Willis on her never-ending quest to fill her museum of kitsch? Absolutely. Our beer sommelier knows more about beer than you do, trust me. But again, you ask, really, what is BigTV? Fine, I’ll tell you. BigTV is my call out, my open invitation for passionate people, people with heart, to join me, to come and voice and share those passions with a heart-starved world. And that is what it is.

So now, why BigTV?

Well, I have a couple of answers for this, each specific to who you are, a creator, or a watcher. If you’re a creator, I think I’ve stated my case pretty well as to why you would want to be a part of a quality aggregator like BigTV, but beyond the obvious I have yet one more enticement for you. This company was founded and funded by entertainment people, real entertainment people, people who have been there, seen it, done it and are still doing it. You feel you have what it takes to take the next step up? Well, quite frankly, why don’t you let us here at BigTV take our experienced eye and be the judge of that? We are neither shy about offering real, professional opinions, nor afraid to extend a hand to true talent we believe in. And if you aren’t a creator, just someone who feels let down by the limited, heartless, insipid content overrunning the Internet? Again, we at BigTV feel our content speaks for itself and we know it is going to speak to you. Support us and be thrilled with us as together we find the next Ellen, the next Rachel Rae, the next Jon Stewart. We are going to connect people. We are going to connect passions. We are going to connect you.

Thanks for taking the time.  Your fearless leader,

Lauren Lee Lloyd